Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hi and Welcome!

You’ve probably found my page through my Archive of Our Own Account or through Keira’s Rough Trade Challenge. I currently only have two stories in progress one of which is my Rough Trade fic and will not be posted here until after the challenge is over, which is May.

Firstly, the Disclaimer:  This is fanfiction and as such, I own nothing. I write these for fun and pleasure and make no monies off of it. Good? Good.

Secondly, I’m taking a page out of Keira’s book. If you don’t like what I post, don’t read it. Hit the back button. Derogatory comments and other items of that nature will be deleted and ignored. I write for my pleasure. I don’t get paid and thus I don’t have to deal with idiots.

To get to my fic, just click the orange button with the three lines at the top, then click on ‘Fanfiction’.



2 thoughts on “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

  1. AlexiCyn says:

    HELLO!!!! So happy to have found you here! I hope you are feeling better, and all recovered from your accident.

    I’m hoping that you will post The Walkers here because really, what a STELLAR piece of writing that is! 🙂

    Anyway, hope all is well. Cheers, Cyn.

    • Hi Cyn!
      I do have plans to post The Walkers here! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and sometime within the next week, maybe two it should be up here and I do plan on continuing it once that happens.

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