Sentinel Primer

It came to my attention that people might have no idea what a Sentinel and Guide is. So I decided to write this little primer. Hopefully it helps clarify some things.

Sentinel and Guide is the little black dress of fandom, it goes with any fandom. Cut down to it’s basic components, a Sentinel is a man, or woman, with all five senses vastly enhanced. They also have a heightened sixth sense, though this is mainly in the form of a spirit animal who guides the Sentinel. A Guide is their partner, a man or woman who helps them control their senses, and can pull them out of what is called a zone-out, when the Sentinel gets so lost in their senses they’re pretty much comatose. This is all based off the tv show called The Sentinel, featuring Richard Burgi and Garrett Maggart. For the purposes of my fic, you do not need to know anything of the tv shows. It will all be explained in the fic. Of course, it is a good show in my opinion and there are probably place online where you can catch it as they only released season one on DVD and refused to release the other three…which sucks.

I’m not quite sure if this was created by fans or if it is actually in the show but a caveat of Sentinel/Guide is that there is ONE Guide for Each Sentinel. A soul bond if you will. And of course, fandom takes it to the extreme which makes for fun and interesting reads. They’re not hard to find, especially if you use the tag system on AO3.

I’m hopeful this helped some and didn’t confuse more. I really don’t wanna to get into the nitty gritty as it’ll spoil some of my fic. If you have questions, do feel free to message me or comment on this.

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